Range C - Multi-Gun

Shelter to get out of the elements,        (Not for shooting out of)

 3 separate target boards.  Equipped with two shooting benches.

Approximately 40m x 50m size

Flag system -red flag shows range is active/hot.  green flag shows range is inactive/safe

Range B

100 yard rifle - 8 shooting benches.  This range is for bench shooting ONLY.  No off hand shooting permitted.  This range is set up as an overflow.  Perfect for load development and for those who don't care for crowds.

Flag system Redflag shows range is active/hot.  Greenflag shows range is inactive/safe. 

Range A - Rifle/Clubhouse

Our  heated clubhouse where all members and guests must sign in before proceeding to any range.  This Range reaches out to 600m. Equipped with 14 shooting benches and reactive steel targets ranging from 200m to 600m.  A light system that shows range is hot (WHEN ON)

Range J - Pistol/Carbine

35 m x 45 m range  has 7m high berms and is certified for pistol and Carbine.  Do not engage steel with rifle rounds closer than 50m, 10m for pistol calibers.

Shelter provided to get out of the elements.  (Not for shooting out of)

Ample parking at the top of the hill.

Drive down into at your own risk. 

Flag system -red flag shows range is active/hot. green flag shows range is inactive/safe

Range K - Shotgun

Flag system - red flag shows range is active/hot. green flag shows range is inactive/safe. Members must complete

trap machine safety orientation before

​access to the machine will be granted.

Check events calendar for orientation dates​​.

Area H - Cookhouse

The cookhouse is used for sponsorship barbeques

organized shoot luncheons, and our members are welcome to use but please clean up after yourselves.

 Rocky Rod and Gun club now has 10 active ranges .  All members including archery must sign in at clubhouse prior to going to any range.  CFO Certification, regulation, and rules are posted at each range.  Please take note as to the rules and regulations pertaining to that range.  Range A has a light system to show if the range is active/hot. (LIGHT WILL BE ON).  When a cease fire is called on range A all fire arms are to be cleared and racked.  The light turned off showing safe.  Place a fluorescent cease fire pylon on the shooting bench and put on a fluorescent orange vest before proceeding down  range.  Ranges B through K have a flag system.  Red flag is placed in holder when the range is hot.  Green flag is placed in holder when range is inactive. Your range ID must be worn and visible when on range property. 

We ask that you remove all targets and clean up your brass when you are finished.  

Rocky Gun Club Disciplines

Ranges D - G -Handgun

Ranges D, E & G  are equipped with target boards.  

All ranges have a redflag and green flag.  The red flag must be placed in the fluorescent pylon to show the range is active/hot.  When leaving the range or cease fire is called place the green flag in the flag holder on the shelter.

RANGE I - Archery

A 100 yard sight in range, equipped with a shelter to get out of the elements.

An awesome course set up with approximately 30 3D targets ranging from 20 yards to 63.  It takes about 2 hours to do the walk through. 

NO broad heads PLEASE

The ranges are built for everyone's enjoyment.  We ask that you please clean up after yourself and  help cut down maintenance costs.  Please Remember - safety starts with you.  If you see something unsafe please inform us by filling out an incident report form found inside the clubhouse of by sending an email to the board at rockygunclub@gmail.com

Be kind to your fellow shooter and help the new members learn our rules. 

Guest Passes may be purchased at the Range A Clubhouse for $ 20.00. 

This pass is good for the day of purchase only.